Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday is for Father and "Foodie Friday" in Mexico


   My father was my "Indiana Jones". A WW II Veteran, married my mother, completed his education, fathered four children, traveled and worked all over the world, was a writer, taught writing, was a WW II historian (his latest book .. now out of print.. is valued by some at $325) and a wonderful, loving man. He was passionate about history and world events.
   Born in Roswell, New Mexico, he spent some memorable years living in a hotel in Big Spring, Texas that his father managed and was a part-owner. After a stunt where after seeing a movie about Super Man (or some such flying actor) he made a parachute for himself, a box for his cat with another homemade parachute and was prepared to drop the cat first off of the roof of the hotel to study the art of flying. How this turned out is unknown, however, my father and his younger brother were shipped off to live with their grandmother on a farm near Rochelle, Texas. These were considered some of the best years of his life until his grandmother passed away and the boys went back to Big Spring to spend their high school years.
   My father was the most impressive man in my life. His high standards and devotion to family showed me that this was the sort of man I wanted to marry. And I did! Thank you, Daddy. I miss you!!

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It's Foodie Friday
at the Fair in Tecoman, Colima, Mexico!

   This posting may be a little long. If only I could figure out those photo mosaics. Someday!
   We are here in Mexico on business... and most importantly to be with our granddaughter, Carmen who has turned six. Pictures of her party will be posted soon.
   The fair in Tecoman is always an event to enjoy. It is the same sort of state fair that we enjoy in the U.S. There are all sorts of exhibits displaying pens of local livestock and boxes of fruits and vegetables . Mini-restaurants are everywhere and carts of local foods are situated every few feet. Here is a little of what we saw Wednesday evening...

What is the fair without cotton candy? Carmen was thrilled to have this gigantic treat that for some reason, disappeared within minutes. I think her dad and grandfather helped her out a little bit!

We are not sure what this really is, but they are not pancakes. They are bread ("pan") that is very yeasty and also has a very light sweetness to it. I am hooked on these. They need to be eaten warm though.
Cucumber slices ("pepitos y jicima") jicima are a delicious and cool combination on a hot sultry evening at the fair. Of course it is sprinkled with sea salt and a hot chili sauce is doused over that.

Hot dogs (salchichas) are such a favorite of everyone in Mexico They're delicious! They a trimmed and creatively displayed.
"Sopitos" are my ultimate favorite fair food. They are not to be confused with "chalupas" even though they look similar. The meat, usually ground pork, is boiled in beef flavored water. Thinly sliced cabbage is used on top, mixed with a little onion. It is topped with hard, grated Mexican cheese... of which the name excapes me. The sopitos are seved nestled close together, sitting in about a cup of the broth. To eat these you spoon the broth over the sopitos and pick them up with your fingers to eat. So good!

   These are just a few of the foods. There were carts of strawberries and cream, grilled, spicey shrimp on a long stick, and flan. It was an evening of heavenly foods!

Enjoy Foodie Friday at  where we get to read about excapades with food that will tickle your taste buds or at least your fancy!


Marydon Ford said...

G'day Karen ~ What a wonderful write today ... your Father is an intriguing man, & so handsome. Bless him. Your love is so open .....

Thank you for your sweet notes. Dr. said about another 3 weeks, oy!
Have a beautiful weekend.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

What an impressive man your father was. My uncle is also a WWII Vet. I love listening to his stories. My cousin is helping him write a book right now to capture all the memories.
I love the picture of Carmen and the cotton candy! Priceless! Hope you're enjoying your time with the grandkids. Have a great weekend! Tammy

Deb said...

what a great tribute to your looks yummy

Celestial Charms said...

Your Father's influence on you is charming. What an interesting man. I share his interest in history and world events. A smart man, indeed. The photo of your granddaughter's cotton candy is fabulous. I love the color exposure in that one. Thanks for showing us all the delicious Mexican foods. My tummy is growling, just remembering the tasty eats that are available there. Enjoy!

Lori E said...

The world needs more fathers like that out there.
Email me with info on what photo editing program you use and I will help you make a mosaic.

John's Arts & Crafts said...

If every father had "a daughter like you" Most do not take the time to stop look back and find the good. They are only the memory of the father. Great blog & Photos! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:

Michael Lee West said...

Your father was a remarkable man, and your words painted a loving picture of him. The food looks scrumptious. The way I do mosaics, I upload photos to my free Flickr account (, then I go to and click on mosaic maker. Pick your mosaic and follow the instructions to link to your Flickr account (just a click or two). You can then save the mosaic to your computer or send it to Flickr, where you can add a border, text, etc. Hope this helps!

linda t said...

Oh Karen, your Dad was such a wonderful man... and so handsome. I also scrolled down and read all about your Mom. Karen, you are so blessed to have had such gifted, loving parents whose influence will live on for generations.

And thank you so much for your kind words. I really think you are right on in your sensitivity to my grieving process and how we are affected in unique ways as time goes on.
Thank you Karen... you are a gift to me.