Thursday, August 20, 2009


My grandmother, "Jean" (Giovaninni was her given name) was such a talented woman. She was a one-woman band - decorate a home, cook a huge Italian/Sicilian meal and run a dress shop while she juggled family duties and club work. She was a woman of tremendous energy. My father begged her at the age of 90 to sit and relax. Her reply to him was, "You sit; you die". She was a wild woman though with a can of gold spray paint. Mirrors, picture frames, furniture even would get a coat of gold paint to liven up a room. We always joked that if we stood still long enough she would spray paint us gold as well. I loved her home and even considered building a replica of it. I might have had a better floor arrangement had I done so. I'll post a picture of her home soon. I loved it.


Laura said...

What a wonderful tribute. You are an amazing historian- plus you have such dynamic family members to describe and remember!

She is beautiful!

Nancy said...

Oh Karen, thanks for sharing this history with us, just really special. I have heard your stories over the years and have loved every one. You have an amazing family history!