Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waffle-style Grilled Cheese Sandwich

So you probably think my sons bought this waffle iron about 20 years ago so I could make waffles for them. No...

The boys wanted waffle-style grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm not real sure how this came about in the beginning, but my mother would make them for me when I was a child. They are absolutely wonderful. Smear a little butter on the outside of your sandwich (top and bottom) that is filled with either Velveeta or American cheese... or cheddar if you like. Close the lid and let the sandwich cook until it is toasty and the cheese is melted. I now use whole wheat bread, but a long time ago we used white bread... which actually makes a lighter, more delicate grilled cheese sandwich. So yummy. Serve this with tomato soup and you have a delicious and quick meal..especially good for Sunday night... like tonight. Come on over. The iron is hot.


Laura said...


I am so glad you are sharing your wonderful, tried and true, recipes with us all. This looks amazing.

Now I need a waffle iron!


Yira said...

Every once in a while a look at my waffle iron as I make grilled cheese sandwiches and wonder what it would be like to make the sandwiches there. I'm going to try it for tonight's dinner. Should be a fun surprise for the kids.

Betty said...

Hi Karen ... thanks for this great idea ..I make grilled cheese sandwiches for my 90 year old mom's one of her favs ..I can't wait to surprise her with a 'waffle cheese sandwich".
Hugz ...Betty