Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eula Lee White

Since this is White Wednesday, I figured that I would feature my great-grandmother, Eula Lee White. She is the reason why my middle name is "Lee". I never met her, but my father loved her dearly. When she gave birth to my grandmother she was very premature so Dr. Matlock just wrapped her up, put her in a little box and kept her next the oven. My grandmother grew into a beautiful woman. A few years after my great-grandfather passed away, Eula Lee married Dr. Matlock, who was a widower. My grandmother was always full of medical advice and I think it was due to Dr. Matlock. Eula Lee was quite the "beauty and health" consultant, advising to scrub callouses with corn meal, never pluck your eye brows too thin because someday they will not grow back, and a cup of warm water in the morning is good for the digestive system. Wish I had known her.

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Nancy said...

Oh what a beautiful lady, so nice that you have her middle name, you must be so proud.