Monday, September 28, 2009

"Cooking from the Heart" by NJ and Karen

A little change of pace... Here is my all-time favorite cookbook! Cooking from the Heart. It's mine. My dear cousin, Norma Jean, and I compiled our favorite family recipes in 1988. "NJ" as she is known by, embroidered first name initials on each book. Amazing woman! I did the typing, using a new computer... my first one. My cookbook is falling apart as you can see, but although it's beauty has nearly disappeared there is so much on the inside. NJ's mother, my Godmother, and my own mother, illustrated the cookbook and contributed many wonderful recipes. NJ and I dedicated the cookbook to our mothers... the best cooks we've ever known!


Betty said...

Hi Karen ... the cook book is such a great idea ..I'd like to start one with my family's special treats ... I'm gonna talk to my girls about it.
Thanks for visiting my blog ..I might have never found you if you had not dropped me a note.. I love your blog as well and I'll be back soon.
Hugz ..Betty

Nancy said...

I am so proud to have a copy of this wonderful cookbook!