Monday, August 24, 2009


Ruby Opal Heath Boykin was my paternal grandmother. She was born prematurely and an only child. The doctor placed her in a box near the oven and somehow she survived. She was the center of her mother's universe, popular in school, painted in watercolor, and was deligent with her journaling... and would have been a fabulous blogger. She had so many funny sayings, my favorite one being that she felt like if her earrings were too large she said, "I look like the lead horse in a circus". She was a great cook with red beans and corn bread being two of her specialities. She married my grandfather, Cal Boykin, Sr. and they had three children, my father being the first born. I have worked on her family history off and on for several years. I love to read her journals and scrapbooks. She kept old school programs, pressed flowers, a piece of fabric from my grandfather's wedding shirt. They were a handsome couple and so much in love.

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