Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rancho Don Pedro

My husband decided that he wanted a place for the family and our young business partners to bring their families for fun and recreation. This was the place he chose. It would be a stretch of the imagination to turn this into an retreat, but slowly we did.

The first thing my husband did was name this "lovely" spot, Rancho Don Pedro, after his father who was called "Pete". (What Peterson is not called "Pete" at some point in their life? We warned our sons about this...)

Visit my site as often as you can to see how Rancho Don Pedro became a site for family parties, business meetings and even a wedding reception.


Jennifer said...

I'm fascinated with your life in Mexico... keep the posts coming!

Nancy said...

I have heard about some of your celebrations down in Mexico, I would love to hear more about Rancho Don Pedro! Just love the name!

Laura said...

Miss Karen-I am addicted to this story. Keep the posts coming!