Saturday, May 9, 2009

To my mother

Tomorrow my mother will spend her first Mother's Day in heaven. If I know my mother, she is organizing a delightful dinner for other mothers who have made the ultimate journey. Always thinking about how she could help others or just make someone's day a little better, she has had the dinner organized for some time. We always joked that if we told our mother we were coming for a visit, within a few short minutes she could have menus planned for a full weekend. She always said that the best sound she could hear were the voices of all her children under one roof. I know exactly what she means. That would be a symphony for me, Mother. Like most of us in the family, my children are spread out here and yon. I will miss you tomorrow a little more than other days, but everyday I pray prayers of thanks that you are still my mother that you and Daddy are together. Happy Mother's Day, Mother.


Jennifer said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Hugs from your Goddaughter and Grand Goddaughters! =)

nan4852 said...

Dear Karen,

Oh I know your mother is the grandest hostess in heaven, no doubt! Your sweet mother was a shining example to us as young mothers, what a wonderful woman! I am proud to have known her and treasure the times that I was around her and your great family. Your mother was life, love and joy every day!