Sunday, April 5, 2009

A true Patriot

Yesterday as I drove down one of Mission's older roads, I noticed one of the old homes in the community. It was in need of repair and some fresh white paint, but sat beautifully on a green, well-cared-for yard of about two acres. Out in front of the home flew a new U.S. flag, blowing so proudly and with great reassurance. The message was strong. The economy in the world is not the best, but love of our country and it's ideals would get us through these times.
I also thought, this family chose to fly a crisp, new flag rather than spend the money on paint. What that said to me... love of country and our freedoms, not to mention blessings, have stood the test of time. Paint will fade but this great land will stand solid.

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LMH said...

What a perfectly described image.