Thursday, April 16, 2009

God's special blessing... grandchildren

Many of us are enjoying these little munchkins. How we lived such a good life that God has showered us with these little ones, I will never know. I am so grateful! Pictures from far away must tide us over until the next visit. We miss so many of those special "firsts" but know that our children are enjoying them and perhaps it is right that it should be their privilege as it is their "first".
When our granddaughter spent the night with us when she was just a toddler, my husband and I could not keep our eyes off of her. We were watching an angel before our very eyes. Beautiful! For a split second we would see our son in her eyes, her cheeks and the curls in her hair. Her beautiful brown eyes and brown hair come from her mother. Surely that sweet little figure will be model perfect someday.
How wonderful for them to have a son the second time they had a baby. He's so fun-spirited with those flashing big brown eyes and big smile. There is a spark of mischief there and we know he thinks his job is to entertain everyone. He started walking recently and his dad says he gets so thrilled with himself he turns in circles. He already understands that a ball is for kicking and fun.
Yes... God's special blessing. Grandchildren!

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nan4852 said...

Dear Karen,

That was beautiful. Grandchildren are truly little angels and so light up our lives don't they? And yes, I know all to well that pictures from far away must tide us over until the next visit!

Hugs, Nancy